Road Cycling

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike”
John F. Kennedy

The Wine Lands Cycling Club started out as a road cycling club and is still very active in this regard.  During the Covid-19 pandemic we had to suspend all group rides.  Thanks to the recent relaxation of social distancing protocols all the weekend group rides have resumed.


Club membership includes a MTB board that must be affixed to the bike when riding on our trails.  When attending group rides on the road, it is requested that the approved club kit be worn by the member.  Shortly after the name change and re-branding of the club in 2021, new club kit was introduced, voted for, and approved at the AGM on 28 March 2022.  The club kit forms part of our 'identity' on the road and we encourage you to wear the kit proudly at all fun-rides and racing events going forward.

The new club kit can be purchased here.

Western Province League Events

It is better in a bunch

We have a number of organised group rides taking place throughout the week. These mostly take place on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as on Public Holidays. The rides cater for various levels of fitness and experience.  An added benefit of these rides is the presence of support vehicles, which helps to create a safe environment for our cyclists by creating greater visibility to motorists and other users of the road.


We aim to have the weekend routes announced by the Wednesday before so that members have time to plan ahead.  The rides are published to members via the Road WhatsApp Groups.  To be added to the groups please contact Paul Houghton (078 078 3445) or Brian Moore (083 250 3591)


All of the group rides start and finish at Waterstone Village Shopping Centre.  We meet on the upper deck parking lot (outside the Virgin Active Gym).  Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the planned starting time.


The starting times vary depending on the time of year.  In the peak of summer rides start at 6am and gradually move towards a 8am start during the Winter months.


At present, the following groups are available (depending on rider turnout, time of the year and weather conditions – keep an eye on the WhatsApp groups in case anything changes)



  • 1st Group:      Average Speed of 30km/h plus

  • 2nd Group:     Average Speed up to 28km/h

  • 3rd Group:     Average Speed of 25km/h

  • Social Group: Average speed of 18-23km/h




  • 1st Group:      Average Speed of 30km/h plus

  • 2nd Group:     Average Speed up to 28km/h *


Occasionally, the 3rd and Social groups may decide to ride on the Sunday instead of the Saturday.  This is mainly weather dependent.

Western Province League

The WP League is a great way measure yourself against other riders in the greater Cape Town area.  The league season usually starts in April and runs through to about October.  A number of crit races, TTs, as well as conventional road races are included in the calendar.  The WP league calendar can be found here.  There are a number of racing categories available to suit most age groups and level of rider.


WP TTT Slent Road

WP Slanghoek Race

Western Cape Champs

The club encourages experienced riders to enter and represent the club at the Western Cape Championships


Western Cape Championships

Coffee Rides

Club coffee rides take place on the first Saturday of every month.  We invite you to come along for a great time out on some of the best roads that South Africa has to offer.  The hot beverage and pastry will be for the club’s account! 


Coastal Coffee Ride

Cape Town Cycle Tour
After Party

The club supports riders participating at the CTCT.  Event "war-stories" are enthusiastically swapped at a club-sponsored after-the-event reception.  We usually get together at a restaurant on the Sea-Point promenade.

Double Century

For the past number of years the club has provided a financial sponsorship to club members willing to partake in the Double Century.  Details are communicated closer to the event. 

DC Training Rides_edited.jpg

Double Century Training Ride

Is Club Membership for me?

We encourage all cyclists looking for a place to call home to attend a few of the weekend club rides. After a few sessions together you'll get a feel for the club and of its members.  Club membership has a number of benefits:
- Safety follow vehicles every weekend

- Monthly coffee rides where the drinks and pastries are 'on the house'

- A number of other events throughout the year

- A community of cyclists and a wealth of experience to tap into

- The opportunity to be part of a team taking on the 'Double Century' event (part subsidised by the club)

 Already on board?