Mountain Biking

“A bad day on a mountain bike always beats a good day in the office”
Mike Brcic

The Wine Lands Cycling Club has developed a network of trails (in excess of 150 km) on the wine farms along the foot of the Helderberg, with trail difficulty grades ranging from easy to challenging, and scenery from spectacular to stellar. The trails provide fun riding opportunities for families, good training workouts for serious athletes and everything in between. 

Park and Ride

Park and ride from either one of the trail heads located at: Somerbosch Winery, 96 Winery Road Restaurant, Spier Wine Estate, the Thirsty Scarecrow or Waterstone Village Shopping Center (upper deck parking area next to the gym).

Our trails on Google Maps

The Wine Lands Cycling Club's trails are constantly undergoing updates and alterations and the club's trail map will evolve as changes are implemented. It is a good idea to check back regularly for updates. The latest trail amendments are also documented in the map's title block.


The map has some layers which are switched off by default, such as the entire annual Club Monster Ride route. This layer can easily be toggled on (as with all the other layers on the map) to see, or hide details.


Google maps also feature an export facility of the map details as KML/KMZ files (when in full-screen view). The exported files can then easily be imported into a map editing program, such as Garmin’s free BaseCamp or uploaded to your favourite GPS device.

The Google map menu options become visible by expanding the margin (click the expand button in top left-hand corner of the map window).

Please note that the MTB trails are marshalled. Only riders with valid MTB bike boards or day permits are allowed to use the club's trails. Cycling is only permitted on marked trails.

Please scroll down to view the club's trail map  ▼

We also have the same trails mapped on 

Regional Board Ride Areas, other than the Wine Lands Cycling Club's own trails


Routable-ready GPX files

We will upload a number of routable GPX files, featuring a selection set of the club’s trails. The GPX files do not cover all of the trail riding options available to members and visitors, but aim to expose riders of different capability-levels to a doable and enjoyable ride on the club’s trails, suited to their skill level.

Please always  be aware of the prevailing trail signage. We will endeavour to upload GPX files of the most current status of the trails but there may, at times, be alterations alterations to the trail after the upload. Prevailing trail signage takes precedence.

Beginner’s Level  Routes

  • 4.1 km – 96 Winery Rd loop – park and ride from the 96 Winery Rd Restaurant. Follow the trail around the perimeter of the property and return back to the parking area for a coffee at the restaurant. Ideal for those who just have just started out mountain biking and want to become familiar with their bike on farm roads and easy single tracks.  Elevation: min 66 m, max 93 m. 

  • 7.9 km – Graduation loop – park and ride from the 96 Winery Rd Restaurant. After completing this loop, you have graduated to mountain biking intermediate level. This route is essentially the same as the 96 Winery Rd loop, but with the addition of a little extension introducing you to the club’s western trail network. If you feel too winded by the time you get to the Simon’s Cat mural waypoint, it is possible to turn back on to the return path at that point.


Fun on the Faure Drop trail


Intermediate Level  Routes

  • 17.8 km – Somerbosch loop via Billy Visser – park and ride from Somerbosch. Follow the club’s original night-ride route which ambles along the Eerste Rivier for a while. A few good climbs and descents are included, watch out for sandy patches in summer. A fast flowing single track section on the way back to Somerbosch is a great way to work up an appetite for a coffee and snack back at the farm’s deli. Elevation: min 20 m, max 119 m.

  • 31.1 km – Trail Urban-Art Route  – park and ride from Waterstone Village Shopping Center. This route will take you to a few  spots on the trail where urban-art murals have been painted. See Simon’s Cat cartoon character tussle with a giant snake, then on to a picture of a mountain biker fixing a mechanical, past the old and lovable La Linea character riding a bicycle and finally wave at the ballerina Margot Fonteyn wearing a cross-stitched tutu, gracing the walls of an abandoned outhouse.  Return to Waterstone Village shopping centre for refreshments. The route also includes a lovely section of single track on Vredenburg Farm, in both the outgoing and return directions. Elevation: min 44 m, max 121 m.

Advanced Level  Routs

  • 25 km – Faure Drop from Somerbosch – park and ride from Somerbosh. Head  for the hills where you will find the fast flowing  Faure Drop down-hill trail. Zig-zag down the hill from the trail head all the way to the Eerste River. This will be the most fun you can have on the club’s collection of trails, west of the R44 road. After the down-hill rush, you will be treated to a leisurely amble along the Eerste River to regain your composure.  A fast flowing single track section on the way back to Somerbosch is a great way to work up an appetite for a coffee and a snack back at the farm’s deli. Rinse and repeat. Elevation: min 20 m, max 138m.