We make it possible

“Every moment of one’s existence, one is growing into more or retreating into less.”
Norman Mailer

Development Portfolio

The overall goal of the development portfolio is to encourage and support cycling in the Helderberg area. To fulfill this goal, a portion of the club’s budget each year is allocated to help cyclists enjoy the club’s MTB trails and to participate in activities and events that they
would otherwise not be able to do.


Junior Club Members - The club would like to encourage and support junior club members who are qualified to race at provincial, national and international levels, but may lack funding.

Toward that aim, the club considers formal requests from junior club members for the club for subsidisation towards the cost of travel or participation in championship races.

To receive support, the junior member must have been a member for the calendar year prior to the request. The decision to support a junior club member’s request for funding is at the complete discretion of the club’s main committee. To date, the club has helped pay the travel costs for junior MTB cyclists from Parel Vallei high school to participate in Spur League finals for the past three years and has contributed to travel costs for selected junior members to participate in national and international road races.


Cyclists from Local Communities - The club would like to encourage and support cyclists from local disadvantaged communities but lack funding to enjoy the sport.

Toward that aim, the club has provided MTB boards for free access to the club’s trails to cycling groups from local communities. For a small group of cyclists from the local disadvantaged community, the club has also provided club membership and kit at no cost, and has paid licenses, timing chips, transportation and entry fees for cyclists to participate in designated local races.  The club also collects spares and kits donated by members for distribution to those in the local community.