About us

The Wine Lands Cycling Club (WLCC) (formerly known as the Wannabees Cycling Club) began in the Helderberg area in 2004 as a result of a small group of cycling friends who enjoyed regular group rides. Since its inception, the club has grown steadily to just over two thousand members by 2020. Members range across all of ability and ages and abilities. Although originally the club was primarily a road cycling club, the development of a spectacular network of mountain bike (MTB) trails has quickly attracted a strong following of MTB riders. The club's trail network has recently been expanded to offer a dedicated trail running route.

The WLCC has developed and manages more than 130 kilometers of MTB trails traversing multiple farms along the base of the Helderberg mountain. The WLCC also developed the Southey Vines/Geelsloot Community Bike Park trail on a Municipal Park in central Somerset West. The bike park is maintained by the club and has hosted the Spur Schools League since 2013.


The aim of the club is to support and nurture cycling in all it’s disciplines in the Helderberg Area. We support events that cover Road, MTB and Track Cycling.

The WLCC is a volunteer based multi-discipline cycling club that facilitates and promotes cycling activities for its members within the local community. This includes education about, and
development of the sport, as well as the building and managing of off-road trails through agreements with local land owners. The club is affiliated to formal cycling structures within SA.


Make Your Year Last Forever

"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike” – John F Kennedy.

This simple pleasure is available all year round at the Wine Lands Cycling Club. There is enough cycling happening to fill your year to the brim and more. Meet friends, ride your bike with like-minded people, compete or just cruise, discover, experience and improve your health, all with a wrap around smile!

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That's what people say

"Dornier tracks are looking incredible. Thanks for all the hard work after the winter rains."